About Us

Our Story

Motiball is a motion rehabilitation device for post-stroke patients, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals in this field.



The idea of Motiball is based on the experience of the founder because his father had a one-year long motion rehabilitation after a stroke and surgery.


The development of the Motiball is supported by physiotherapists and healthcare professionals and we would be happy to work with more and more great professionals to help the patients in this innovative way.


Why Motiball is special


Motiball is not a typical physiotherapy tool in the term of it is not only a dumbbell or a rubber band. It helps the patient to be motivated during the whole rehabilitation process.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help the patients in the recovery and support their motivation.

We had personal experience so we know how difficult it is.

We are here to Help you

Our aim is to help everyone around the world who needs physiotherapy because of his/her arm and hand.

Why Choose Us

We are glad to contribute

We can provide a flexible contribution for healthcare professionals

Priority Always to Clients

The Motiball is based on real experience

We Always Motivate You

The key is the motivation and Motiball is exactly help in this